We can custom make your Splashback to enhance any room in your home or office.

We can measure to fit any kitchen or bathroom space, leaving you with a complete new feel to your home.

What We Do

Our splashbacks are made with Low Iron glass. This type of glass gives you the best colour results and uses the Resene colour range.

Our point of difference is not using glue or double-sided tape to adhere the glass to the wall.  The method we use allows movement and flexibility when needed.  This method also means the splashback can be easily removed without damaging your walls or cupboards

Benefits: Easy cleaning, colour options, feature piece and modern look.

The Process

  • Measure space and discuss options
  • Quote/estimate prepared and given to customer
  • Upon acceptance of quote/estimate templates and/or measurements are given to our local glass supplier
  • The supplier then cuts the glass according to specifications, polishes edges and puts it through the ‘toughening’ process
  • Once this process is complete, it is sent to the paint supplier for painting
  • The above process can take between 5 to 9 working days
  • Glass is picked up from the paint supplier
  • Splashback is installed


Important Information

• Appointment hours are between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Book in advance to secure a suitable appointment time.
• Any quotes/estimates over $500.00 require a 50% deposit before the glass orders can be lodged with the supplier.
• The remaining balance of the invoice is to be paid on completion of the job.

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