Pet Doors

We install both cat and dog doors in Wellington and the Hutt Valley. Our doors are suitable for either single or double-glazed glass and come in a range of sizes.

What We Do

Here are some available options:

  • Cat door slim profile for single glazed homes
  • Cat door versatile for double glazed homes
  • Dog door slim profile for single glazed homes
  • Dog door versatile for double glazed homes

Pet doors come in both clear and white depending on preference.

The Process

Standard pet doors for cats and small dogs in single-glazed homes are typically installed in a single visit. We may be able to cut a hole in your existing glass if it’s suitable, or we may need to replace this with stronger glass.

Pet doors in double-glazed windows or doors typically take 1-2 weeks as they require a new double-glazed unit to be specially manufactured. We visit the first time to measure and assess the door or window together with the size of your pet and the pet door needed. The replacement double-glazed unit is ordered, and a second visit is scheduled to install it and fit the pet door.


  • If glass has a safety stamp etched on the surface, a new window will need to be ordered as holes cannot be cut in safety glass.
  • Likewise, if you want a pet door installed in a double-glazed window we will need to measure and order a new double-glazed unit that has the hole pre-cut and fully sealed.


Important Information

  • Appointment hours are between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • There is a minimum charge of 1 hour for any job.
  • Payment is to be made on completion of the job.

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