Frameless Showers

Modern shower designs have advanced over the years and the traditional framed shower box and shower curtains have been replaced with the new designer frameless showers of today.

What We Do

Our 10mm – frameless showers are made with quality toughened safety glass with designer hardware supplied by Vetro Raccordi.  Vetro Raccordi provide heavy-duty hinges for pivot type doors and tracks for bypass / sliding doors.

‘Elegance starts with quality hardware and quality workmanship.’

Benefits: Adds value, durable, clean and neat appearance and space.

The Process

When installing a frameless shower, it is important that you understand the process that takes place.
  • Measure your shower space and discuss hardware options that are available.
  • Quote/estimate prepared and given to customer.
  • Upon acceptance of quote/estimate measurements are given to our local glass supplier.
  • Hardware order is placed with Vetro Raccordi.
  • The above process can take 4 to 6 working days for the order to be finalised and ready for pick up.
  • Install channel using only silicone to fix, no screws required.
  • Install fixed glass to channel –
    side-lites and return only.
  • Install all hardware options (handles, hinges, sliding tracks, guides and overhead fixings).
  • Install door panel.


Important Information

• Appointment hours are between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Book in advance to secure a suitable appointment time.
• Any quotes/estimates over $500.00 require a 50% deposit before the glass orders can be lodged with the supplier.
• The remaining balance of the invoice is to be paid on completion of the job.

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