Retrofit / Double Glazing

We recommend Retrofit Double Glazing to reduce heat loss over the winter period, keeping you warm all year round.

What We Do

We can price to retrofit your home with double glazed units for timber or aluminium joinery frames. We customise our units – whether for security purposes, heat loss, noise or solar control. Depending on your circumstances our Glazier can talk to you about your needs.

The Process

  • A measure is done and options discussed.
  • Quote/estimate prepared and given to customer.
  • Upon acceptance of quote/estimate a second measure is done to ensure no changes are required since original quote/estimate.
  • The measurements are then sent to the supplier.
  • Double glazed unit (DGU) orders take anywhere between 10 – 12 working days from acceptance of estimate.
  • An agreed date for installation is given. This is strictly dependent on weather.
  • DGU are picked up from supplier.
  • All single glazed glass is removed from frame and all timber rebates cut-out to allow for a minimum thickness of a 16mm DGU.
  • All new timber cedar beading is provided and completely sealed with the appropriate sealant.
  • All aluminium joinery beads will be replaced to compensate for a minimum 16mm DGU.
  • Most opening aluminium windows or Ranch-sliders may have to be replaced.


Important Information

Work can take a considerable amount of time.

• Appointment hours are between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Book in advance to secure a suitable appointment time.
• Any quotes/estimates over $500.00 require a 50% deposit before the glass orders can be lodged with the supplier.
• The remaining balance of the invoice is to be paid on completion of the job.

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